Project Examples

AI Chatbot for Law Company

AI chat bot capable of understanding and responding to legal queries, providing relevant information, and offering basic legal advice within predefined parameters. The chat bot needed to be user-friendly, efficient, and accessible across multiple platforms to ensure seamless integration with the law company's existing infrastructure.

  • Connect to Your Data
  • Multi-Model Availability
  • All major LLM's
  • Realtime Chatbots

Our Latest Projects

AI Chatbot for Law Company

AI Chatbot for Law Company

AI chat bot capable of understanding and responding to legal queries within predefined parameters.

Headless Online Marketplace

Headless Online Marketplace

Development of custom-made, user-friendly online marketplace for purchase and sale of cars in the U.S.

AI-powered Recipe Generator

AI-powered Recipe Generator

AI-App that provides customers with delicious recipes based on what ingredients a person has in the fridge.

Benefits of Working with Us

  1. 1

    Latest Technology & Constant Innovation

    When you choose to work with us, you gain access to the benefits that come from harnessing the power of the latest technology

  2. 2

    Efficient Resource Management

    We want to help companies innovate and grow - and we want to provide this service at the most budget-friendly level as possible

  3. 3

    Highest Quality (German Standard)

    At Enkarto, we take pride in our commitment to delivering highest-quality, and our German management plays a crucial role in upholding this standard

  4. 4

    Impact oriented with Agile Approach

    Embracing an impact-oriented mindset with an agile approach empowers us to rapidly deliver tangible results and create lasting positive effects for our customers

Our Process

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    Consultation & Concept

    In a first conversation, we record your current situation, business needs and vision in order to give you the best possible suggestions for further action. We will also develop a first concept with you, which we are detailing in workshops and brainstorming sessions. At the same time, you will receive an initial estimate from us regarding the implementation and costs of the solution.

    Schedule free initial consultation
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    Design, Development, Testing & Go-Live

    In this stage, we will not only develop the design for you, in case you need one, but continue with development and testing on a regular basis. On a regular basis we will also have meetings with you to provide status updates and incorporate your feedback before going live.

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    Ongoing Support

    Many customers stay with us even after going live because they want to receive ongoing IT support or want to develop their solution even further, e.g. further scaling of an online market place or adding more and more features to an AI application.

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