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We believe in supportive leadership - giving you the freedom you need while being focused on results and supporting you along the way

Benefits of Working with Us

  1. 1

    Remote First Approach

    We believe that working remotely comes with more advantages than disadvantages: From less commuting time, time flexibility, lower rents to an positive environmental impact

  2. 2

    Flexible Working Hours

    We believe that not everyone works or has the same day schedule: Some people can focus better in the morning, others in the evening, and individual daily schedules tend to differ a lot

  3. 3

    Impact Appreciation

    We appreciate impact, thus your performance is based on your project impact. If we see that you put effort into it and achieved results, we will support you and you will see results from us

  4. 4

    Helping You Grow

    Joining Enkarto means team first. We help each other, we share our knowledge and critique, and we make each other grow. Each employee will be assigned to a personal mentor

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