We know you came here to get a clear pricing breakdown...

.. and we know pricing is a key factor in your evaluation process.

Full transparency: Our hourly rates for IT development start from 30 Dollars per hour, however on this page you won't find a simple pricing table, because we customise our project packages based on your specific needs.

Our team is there to understand what you're hoping to achieve and draw up a proposal that you'll be comfortable with.

Scroll down to learn more about what factors influence our pricing.

Project Size

The bigger the project, the more resources are required, the higher is the price. However, we are happy to provide discounts on bigger projects including long-term partnerships.


The more complex your project is, the higher the price. However, we are happy to provide discounts on bigger projects.

Innovation Scale

In case your project requires a higher innovation scale than usual, the price could be a bit higher. However, don't worry, we are used to develop highly innovative solutions.


A faster time frame for project completion could be a bit more costly. However, don't worry, in general we deliver our projects rather fast anyway.

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Why Choose Us?

We know there are many fish in the see. Let's have a look why you may want to choose us.

  1. 1. Efficient & Effective

    Our offshoring approach enables us to use budget resources more efficiently than other IT service providers while at the same time guaranteeing highest quality and above-average salary and working conditions for our employees.

  2. 2. Transparent

    We enable our customers to achieve the best possible output with a given budget. We always put our cards face up on the table. Even if it means discouraging a project. Because of that, we have to turn down almost half of all inquiries.

  3. 3. End-to-End Service

    From the first free consultation, to concept creation, development, go-live and ongoing support. We support you on your way and not only bring in IT and AI expertise, but also our in-depth experience in business scaling and growth.

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